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Improving the safety of passenger ships with the MARIN Ferry

AuthorsAnton Kisjes, Victor Ferrari
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
In 2018 MARIN participated in the investigation directed by the Sewol Investigation Commission on the sinking of the
Korean ferry M/V Sewol. The ship capsized after experiencing extreme heel angles during a sharp turn and sank on
16 April, 2016 with 304 casualties. The results of this investigation highlighted the dramatic consequences of large
heel angles and this accident triggered MARIN to raise awareness about this issue and to make sure that the
international rules are adequate.


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Anton Kisjes

Project Manager

Victor Ferrari

Team Leader Cruise & Ferry | Senior Project Manager Manoeuvring

MARIN has conducted a series of dedicated model tests and
calculations with an in-house model designed specifically to investigate this topic - a generic 190 m ferry called ‘MARIN Ferry’ whose hull lines are representative of contemporary ferries.
MARIN Ferry was successively used in captive model tests

MARIN Ferry was successively used in captivemodel tests