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FlowPike enables detailed full-scale propeller inflow measurements

AuthorsBirvalski, M., Struijk, G.
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 135
Date20 Apr 2023
Within the JoRes JIP, unique full-scale wake field measurements were performed with MARIN’s new flow velocity measurement device called the ‘FlowPike’. This is the first time MARIN has investigated flow around a full-scale ship with such a precise level of detail and it offers valuable insights into scale effects, as well as high quality data that can be used for comparisons with results from CFD simulations.

The JoRes JIP group is made up of 50 industrial partners spanning the entire shipping industry which have a common interest in improving their ability to predict ship performance using computational tools.


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Milos Birvalski


Gijs Struijk

Project Manager | On Board Specialists

unique full-scale wake field measurements

Within JoRes JIP group project, there have been several model testing campaigns, full-scale trials and calculations performed using in-house and commercial CFD tools. One of the trials was performed on a modern 50,000 DWT tanker. Before the trial, permission was obtained from the hull and propeller designers to make their designs public. The propeller and hull were then laser scanned to obtain the ‘as built’ geometry of the vessel and the roughness was measured as well.
MARIN flow velocity measurement device FlowPike

The FlowPike fixed to the hull above the propeller

The particle images are recorded by the cameras, after which the recorded images are processed to arrive at instantaneous flow fields in a rectangular area 1.4 m long and 0.6 m wide. The flow fields are recorded at a frequency of 10 Hz and each field is composed of thousands of 3D velocity vectors. In addition, the FlowPike can rotate around its longitudinal axis, thereby extending the total inflow that is measured during one run.