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Floating Future Seminar and BlueWeek success

AuthorsGuilhem Gaillarde, Olaf Waals
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 124
Date15 Aug 2018
Reading time6 minutes

‘Better Ships, Blue Oceans’ is our credo. To achieve this, we are starting up research projects together with the industry, research organisations and institutions.

We want to contribute towards a more sustainable use of our oceans. Oceans where energy will be harvested, oceans that will host sustainable activities, oceans that will carry zero emission transport and oceans that could inspire smarter engineering solutions. This year we organised two events that were both attended by more than 150 people: the ‘Floating Future Seminar’ and ‘BlueWeek’.  Both events highlight the importance of working together to stimulate innovation and smart solutions if we are going to achieve the ultimate goals of having sustainable oceans and zero emission transport. 


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