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FLARE project makes significant contribution to passenger safety

AuthorsRiaan van ’t Veer, Rinnert van Basten Batenburg
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time12 minutes
We have all heard about tragic accidents and the sad stories of lost lives at sea when vessels capsize or sink, due to a collision or grounding. It does not occur that often, but when it does, the consequences can be devastating and catastrophic.

Thus the question seems valid: are ships built under the present regulations really safe enough? And how do we support the crew during emergency situations, enabling them to make life saving decisions?


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Riaan van 't Veer

Specialist Ship Hydrodynamics

Beyond IMO regulations

In a joint European Research project under Horizon 2020, named FLooding Accident REsponse (FLARE), 19 partners are working together with the aim of delivering a risk-based methodology (framework) for ‘live’ flooding risk assessment and control, which can potentially be applied to newbuildings and existing ships. The EURO 9.4 million project focuses on the safety of cruise ships and Ropax vessels. MARIN is making a significant contribution of EURO 1.25 million to the project and is responsible for Work Package 4 concerning
“Numerical Simulations and Verification”.

Complex flooding scenarios tested with a free floating cruise ship

Example of a large-scale flooding experiment with a complex labyrinth of cabin compartments, door openings and connecting corridors as found in a cruise ship deck section