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First project takes place on the new Full Mission Bridge simulator

AuthorsRietkerk, A.
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 140
Date24 Jun 2024
As the Full Mission Bridge (FMB) officially opens and the first project takes place, Report interviews two senior pilots about their experiences at this pioneering new facility.
Aiming to represent reality as much as possible, the FMB has an impressive 16 m wide bridge with a forward and backward view on a cylindrical screen (240° horizontally and 42° vertically). And uniquely, it has bridge wings which have 6 m diameter domes to allow forward, backward, downward and upward views during port and other complex operations.
MARIN’s Project Manager for the pilot training courses, Alex Rietkerk, says that given the sheer scale of the FMB, plus its bridge wings, pilots can have a fully immersive experience and really feel they are on a vessel. “They have a view alongside the ship and can see the hull and quayside, which is a major advantage when carrying out complex manoeuvres. The new bridge also provides more flexibility for simulating different types of vessels, from defence or offshore to LNG carriers. It is certainly one of a kind!”


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Alex Rietkerk

Project Manager

complex scenarios

So, what do two instructor pilots from the pilotage association Loodswezen Rotterdam-Rijnmond region think about this state-of-the-art facility?
The Port of Rotterdam is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world and its pilots have been regular visitors to MARIN for many years. The FMB’s first project is for more experienced pilots carrying out an annual, two-day refresher course for deep draught vessels.

In the FMB pilots can have a fully impressive experience