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Farwind - an energising design concept

AuthorsRogier Eggers
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 131
Date7 Apr 2021
Farwind has led to the development of a multihull that is fully propelled by the wind. And as it sails, water turbines underneath are powered to generate electricity. The harvested energy is stored on board and brought to shore.

At societal level, such a project could make a big impact and help to deliver zero emission fuels, improving problematic availability in areas with little infrastructure. On the technical level, the project is interesting because it integrates automated wind propulsors with a tidal turbine.


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Rogier Eggers

Senior Project Manager

Farwind design concept

MARIN’s contribution indicated ideas for design improvements

MARIN was given the chance to contribute within the broader frame of the Marine Energy Alliance Interreg project. Farwind had been doing its own modelling1 and concept development and was now in need of some review work and consultancy regarding various design options. MARIN’s review showed that Farwind had been comprehensively covering the entire performance but there were some points needing attention.