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Exploring the possibilities of a Floating Future: ‘Enabling climate adaptive innovations’

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time12 minutes
Water may offer an opportunity for creating safe space through the use of large-scale floating developments. Initiated by MARIN and Blue Revolution Foundation, the ‘Floating Future’ project integrates governance, technology and ecology to investigate how we can achieve floating developments as a climate adaptive and responsible alternative.

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and there is an increasing demand for space for living, industry, the energy transition and food production. Today, approximately 60% of the country is already prone to flooding, and due to climate change this threat is only increasing. Olaf Waals, Head of Offshore at MARIN, explains: “The Floating Future is initiated together with Rutger de Graaf as an interactive research project, involving companies, research institutes and governmental organisations, and it aims to understand how the upscaling of floating structures could offer a climate-proof solution for space limitations in the Dutch Delta.”


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Olaf Waals


Floating Future project

Demonstration model tests of a floating port in the Space@Sea project

Integrated approach

“What is particularly interesting is that we have made a connection between city developers, landscape architects, coastal engineers, the maritime industry and various governmental bodies. This integrated approach will result in new perspectives on how we can use floating
technology,” Olaf emphasises.
Floating Future, broadcasted on NPO EenVandaag
Groot onderzoek naar wonen op het water, NPO EenVandaag