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Exploring the advantages of 'intension sharing' along the inland waterways

AuthorsGuiking, C.
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 135
Date20 Apr 2023
MARIN’s mission to contribute to a safer and smarter use of our waters led to a pioneering simulation study into the concept of ‘intention sharing’ on board inland vessels.

Given the worldwide increase in marine traffic and its complexity, it is vital to explore how we make navigation safer and more efficient, Colin Guiking, MARIN’s Human Factor specialist explains. “We believe the concept of intention sharing could be part of the solution.”

Teaming up again with its longstanding client Rijkswaterstaat, (the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), MARIN invited three leading track pilot manufacturers, namely Argonics, Shipping Technology and Tresco, to take part in a simulation study.


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Colin Guiking

Specialist Human Factors

Accelerating innovation & improving safety

This project is all about accelerating innovation and in this case automation on board of vessels which has the potential to improve safety and the efficiency of traffic flows. Additionally, there has not been a lot of research into the use of track pilots and intention sharing for inland shipping. With a track pilot, the vessel automatically sails a predetermined course.
MARIN simulator setup

Simulator setup at MARIN