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ENGIE | Michèle Azalbert

AuthorsHelen Hill (maritime journalist)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 129
Date14 mei 2020
Michèle Azalbert is CEO of global energy giant ENGIE’s business unit dedicated to renewable hydrogen. She explains the change of strategy in the direction of renewable energy, and she tells about the Energy Observer project and the solutions which hydrogen can bring to the maritime sector.


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the future of ocean energy

Michèle Azalbert: “Since 2016, ENGIE has repositioned itself to be the world’s leader in the zero-carbon transition. Our strategic shift took place in the context of the increasing need to address the challenge of climate change, and of the impact of environmental risks on human health, economic growth and security. ENGIE responded early and acted fast. We phased out our coal and hydrocarbon production assets and have been investing in renewables."

Michèle Azalbert, CEO of ENGIE