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Dutch Maritime Masterplan kicks off with a grant of EURO 52.9 million!

AuthorsHannes Bogaert
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time6 minutes
The Dutch maritime sector wants to make a sustainable and digital difference to the global energy transition, and this has led to the Maritime Masterplan, an initiative to achieve a smart and zeroemission maritime sector. MARIN is playing an active role in this move towards a more sustainable maritime world.

Now responsible for 2.9% of global CO2 emissions, the international maritime sector is facing a huge transition. Although zero-emission solutions are essential for the future, they are often not yet technically available or financially
affordable. Additionally, the strategic autonomy - needed to guarantee the operational superiority and security of deployment of the Dutch National Fleet - is also under pressure and international competitiveness is increasing. At the same time, ships are essential for transport, for the infrastructure for renewable energy, coastal protection and maritime safety.


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Hannes Bogaert