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Beware of parametric roll in following seas

AuthorsWillemijn Pauw, Rob Grin
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 134
Date12 Dec 2022
Reading time12 minutes
With major industry stakeholders on board, the Joint Industry Project TopTier has been launched to address concerns about the safety and environmental impact of modern containerships.

The size of deepsea containerships has increased dramatically over the past decades and the loss of containers and their impact on marine life and coastlines worldwide has raised public and political concerns. Authorities and the industry are urged to evaluate container fastening devices and to improve regulations and practices to avoid
the loss of containers at sea.


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Willemijn Pauw

Senior Project Manager

Rob Grin

Team Leader Special Vessels | Senior Project Manager Seakeeping

MARIN Report 134 Beware of parametric roll in following seas
The TopTier JIP took the initiative to develop a Notice to Mariners to inform seafarers about this hazard. The document describes how a container vessel’s crew and operational staff can plan, recognise and act to prevent parametric rolling in following seas. The description is accompanied with a flow chart to support the identification of an
unfavourable combination of conditions at an early stage to allow them to take action before parametric rolling builds up. In addition to the Notice to Mariners, an instruction video has been made, as well
as a ‘roll risk estimator’ in an Excel format.
Watch the video to learn about parametric roll in following seas