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Beaching tests for amphibious landing craft

AuthorsEelco Harmsen
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
Sailing through the surf zone near a beach during an amphibious landing can be a dangerous operation, particularly
because sailing with a landing craft through following breaking waves can pose challenges to the course keeping
ability and/or surf riding that can lead to large uncontrolled roll and/or pitch motions.


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Eelco Harmsen

Senior Project Manager

Model tests are the only viable option to assess the safety of an amphibious operation for now. At the same time, a model test of an amphibious operation is very different from an ordinary seakeeping test, due to the changing bathymetry and changing waves over the run and the influence of the operator during each approach.

A removable beach was designed in the Offshore Basin at MARIN