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Are we ready for the energy transition?

AuthorsHelen Hill (maritime journalist)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 129
Date14 mei 2020
MARIN’s head of Ships Guilhem Gaillarde and Olaf Waals, head of Offshore, interview each other about how prepared their sector is for the energy transition.

Guilhem talks about achieving zero-emission shipping and the realistic timeframe for this. Olaf highlights the challenges that offshore renewable energy production is facing, and the solutions that will help to achieve the energy transition.


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Olaf Waals


Guilhem Gaillarde

Manager Ships

the future of ocean energy and shipping

Olaf Waals: "There are a lot of different views about the pace of the energy transition and there is no ‘magic bullet’ solution. MARIN’s role is to bring people together and to inspire them to consider a wider perspective. Whatever happens next, I am certain that a lot of the future of energy production will happen at sea."

Guilhem Gaillarde (head of Ships) and Olaf Waals (head of Offshore)