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Accelerating sustainable innovations at sea

AuthorsOlaf Waals
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 134
Date12 Dec 2022
Reading time12 minutes
In line with MARIN’s focus on accelerating the innovative developments of our clients we decided to organise a special
seminar dedicated to maritime innovation in October.

As David Kelly of Stanford University stated: ‘Learn to fail fast if you want to succeed sooner’. With this in mind we wanted to explore whether we can create a learning environment in our facilities for new floating technology more
productively. We invited clients from different maritime backgrounds to share their experiences regarding innovations and we discussed the present and future role of MARIN in driving innovation forward. We closed the day with an innovative workshop in our Shallow Water Basin.


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Olaf Waals


MARIN Report 134 Accelerating sustainable innovations at sea

Innovation Fridays

We invite you to challenge us on Innovation Fridays! Are you working on an innovation and in need of an independent view, a sparring partner or an easily accessible conceptual test? Sign up for one of our free Innovation Fridays and speed up your innovation with
the help of MARIN’s experts.
The seminar was a unique combination of inspiring presentations and interactive workshops.