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A risk assessment of existing operations

AuthorsMartin van der Wel
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 131
Date7 apr. 2021
MARIN was asked to carry out a risk assessment for SacTun Port in Mexico to investigate whether tug assistance during manoeuvres would make nautical operations safer.

Located in Calica, SacTun Port has been operational for more than 20 years. Around 200 Panamax bulk carriers arrive in ballast and depart in a loaded condition every year. The initial design studies for the port (in order to establish the layout) were conducted in 1986 and MARIN contributed to these by conducting real-time manoeuvring simulations. However, nowadays dedicated modern bulk carriers are equipped with a bow-thruster and a high-lift rudder and more conventional bulk carriers, with a less powerful bow-thruster and a conventional rudder, are calling at the port.


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Martin van der Wel

Project Manager

Lining-up to the port basin

a new project for SacTun Port

MARIN was asked to conduct a risk assessment in order to investigate if the inclusion of a tug during the manoeuvres would make nautical operations safer. MARIN teamed up with the local pilots and worked alongside them during manoeuvres in various conditions. The observations and interviews with the pilots were invaluable, enabling us to get important insight into the difficult parts of manoeuvring and how the operations are performed.