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Reaffirmation cooperation Netherlands Coastguard and MARIN

Jun 13 2022
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On June 1st of this year, the Netherlands Coastguard and MARIN signed an agreement in which it was agreed that the Coastguard will continue to provide MARIN with AIS data for the scientific research which MARIN carries out concerning shipping safety. This agreement is a reaffirmation of a valuable collaboration over many years. And joining forces is more necessary than ever, shipping safety is under pressure. Serious to very serious shipping accidents regularly occur on our busy waterways and the North Sea.

The accident with the drifting vessel Julietta D is a concrete and recent example of how things can go wrong. This vessel, while anchored, lost its anchor on January 31, 2022, and started drifting, hitting a tanker, a wind turbine foundation and a transformer platform in the process and narrowly missing a gas production platform.

A number of developments, such as increasingly larger ships and the construction of wind farms, threaten to put further pressure on shipping safety. Using the AIS data, MARIN quantifies the collision risks (caused by both navigational errors and drifting), performs trend analyses and conducts research into near-collisions and drifters.

For more information: or contact Yvonne Koldenhof.