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Innovation in Control JIP: improve performance by novel control systems

Jan 8 2021
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Offshore operation vessels become more and more advanced with multiple control systems installed on board. These control systems consist of DP systems, motion compensated gangways, motion compensated cranes, motion compensated grippers, etc. What is currently lacking is a structured, well-defined and broadly accepted methodology to test and evaluate the performance of these systems when integrated on board. Such a methodology would allow systems to be tested, optimised and compared from the design to operational stage, and used as contract evaluation method for acceptance tests.

MARIN initiated the Joint Industry Project Innovation in Control to develop, validate and document such methodology with and for the maritime sector. The streamlined methodology will accelerate time to market of novel control systems and lower development costs.

Participants are invited to join. The project will start Q2 2021 and will have a duration of 2 years. See for objectives, scope of work and deliverables.