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Full scale CFD validation using ship performance and wave pattern measurements of a mega cruise ship

Oct 21 2022
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MARIN performed unique wave measurements on board a mega cruise ship. The objective, measure the shape and height of the stern wave to validate model tests and calculations. The team installed two camera’s on the aft of the ship and used Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques to measure the stern wave characteristics successfully. The DIC proves again to be an important asset to shift the boundaries of what can be measured.

The video below shows different perspective views on the stern wave. The left upper corner is a video from the mooring deck, the left lower corner shows the measured wave shape. The right upper corner shows a DIC image, the right lower corner shows the stern wave cross sections.

Together with Chantiers de l’Atlantique, the measurements were used to validate CFD calculations and the results are proudly presented in a joined paper. For more information contact Rogier Schouten or take a look at an overview of our measurement techniques.