MARIN is a globally recognised top institute for maritime research. Our mission is 'Better Ships, Blue Oceans': we stand for clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable use of the sea. We do this as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government and society.



Life at Sea

The sea is increasingly being regarded as a location for energy generation, food production and possible living at sea. MARIN uses high-quality hydrodynamic research to support the development of floating airports, ports, energy islands and fish and seaweed farming.

Oil and Gas

During the transition to sustainable energy, oil and gas remain essential parts of our energy mix. Using our knowledge and unique facilities, MARIN contributes to improving concepts and making operations for oil and gas extraction at sea safer.

Transport And Shipping

About 90% of international trade is transported by sea. By combining our hydrodynamic and nautical expertise with knowledge of propulsion systems and of logistic and operational aspects we make transport by water cleaner, smarter and safer.


As tensions increase across the world, protection at sea is becoming ever more important. Beyond the core defence tasks, this also includes providing adequate search and rescue capability, refugee assistance and efficient customs and border patrol. MARIN operates as an independent party on the international market, cooperating with partners such as the Royal Netherlands Navy. We support the development and implementation of complex platforms and missions at sea in realistic conditions.


The sea is becoming increasingly important for sustainable energy generation. MARIN has considerable knowledge about the behaviour of vessels and structures at sea. This enables us to contribute to efficient and sustainable solutions for (floating) wind power, floating solar panels and energy generation from tidal flows, waves and temperature differences.

Passengers and Yachting

Yacht owners, passengers and crew of luxury cruise ships and ferries are demanding ever higher standards of comfort, user convenience and luxury on board. MARIN aims to make their stay at sea as sustainable, comfortable and safe as possible.


The availability of infrastructure, such as ports and waterways, is a basic requirement for economic development. By drawing up advisory reports, we contribute to the design and implementation of civil engineering projects, for instance for ports, tunnels, bridges and waterways. Shipping safety plays an important role in this respect.

Marine Systems

Clean, smart and safe maritime operations demand sustainable solutions. As well as research into complete vessels and structures, we contribute to improving sub-systems, such as innovative propulsion, steering and stabilisation systems.

Authorities and Regulators

Safe and sustainable marine operations require clear agreements and regulations. As an independent party, MARIN works together with governments, classification agencies and other market parties to develop policy advice and assess practical guidelines.


We help our clients to make ships cleaner, safer and smarter, while contributing to the sustainable use of the world’s oceans.
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