Mission-oriented research programme

Blue Growth stands for a sustainable use of the sea. It is a broad topic including renewable energy, infrastructure, aquaculture and tourism.
Blue Growth fish farming
Within our 2021 Blue Growth research programme MARIN developed an innovative fish farm solution for offshore wind parks. We modelled and tested it in current and waves in our Offshore Basin.
MARIN conducted full-size towing tests to increase insight into the pulling forces and water flow of fishing nets. Combining hydrodynamic knowledge and practical fishing knowledge should lead to further sustainability of the fishing sector and more selective fishing methods.
Aquaculture systems
MARIN performs extensive research for aquaculture systems including model tests, numerical simulations and CFD.
Floating Breakwaters
MARIN developed a multi-purpose floating breakwater that reduces the energy of incident waves in order to decrease wave loads on offshore floating structures and vessels. The application of this concept is also interesting for near-shore environments where floating breakwaters may form a viable solution to reducing shoreline erosion.