Interaction between wave impacts and corrugations of MarkIII Containment System for LNG carriers

AuthorsBogaert, H., Brosset, L. and Kaminski, M.L.
Conference/JournalISOPE 20th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Beijing, China
DateJun 1, 2010

The subject of this paper is the behavior of MarkIII corrugated primarymembrane under breaking wave impacts. The study is based on thedatabase of the large scale impact tests from the Sloshel project.Unidirectional breaking waves were generated in a flume tank in orderto break onto an instrumented wall covered by a corrugated surfacereproducing the MarkIII membrane at scale 1:6. Pressure sensors werepositioned in between the corrugations. A special sensor was designedto measure the net force in the upward and downward direction on ahorizontal corrugation. Special care was taken to observe theinteraction between the wave impact and the corrugations by highspeed cameras synchronized with the data acquisition system.

waves, impacts and hydrostructuralrenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuremarine systemslife at seamonitoringtrials and monitoringhydro-elasticitysloshingfull scalelngoffshore engineering