Experiments and Computations for KCS Added Resistance for Variable Heading

AuthorsSadat-Hosseini, H., Toxopeus, S.L., Kim, D.H., Castiglione, T., Sanada, Y., Stocker, M., Simonsen, C., Flensborg Otzen, J., Toda, and Stern, F.
Conference/JournalWorld Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC), Providence, RI
DateNov 5, 2015

Experiments, CFD and PF studies are performed for the KCS containership advancing at Froude number 0.26 in calm water and regular waves.

stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringsustainable propulsioncfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiestime-domain simulationsresistance and propulsionauthorities and regulatorsdefencepassengers and yachtingtransport and shippingresearch and developmentseakeeping performancesimulationresearch