Effect of hurricanes on the cumulative fatigue life consumption of a GOM TLP

AuthorsP. Aalberts, R. van Dijk, Weizhong Zheng
DateJun 23, 2008

Accurate assessment of cumulative tendon fatigue is of importance for evaluation of the overall design life of TLPs.This cumulative fatigue damage can be derived from direct tendon load measurements. However, in some cases the quality of the tendon load measurements decreases or direct measurements are not available and assessment of cumulative tendon fatigue is not possible. An alternative approach to derive cumulative tendon fatigue is presented in this paper, based on the measured accelerations of the topsides. The quality of this approach is verified using data measured on board the Marco Polo TLP.

waves, impacts and hydrostructuraloil and gasmonitoringtrials and monitoringfatiguefull scale