CFD Investigation on Scale and Damping Effects for Vortex Induced Motions of a Semi-Submersible Floater

AuthorsKoop, A.H., Rijken, O., Vaz, G., Maximiano, A. and Rosetti
Conference/JournalOffshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston, Texas
DateMay 2, 2016

In this paper the CFD results are presented to examine the effects due to Reynolds number and external damping on VIM. The basic step of the JIP is the comparison of the model-scale CFD results to experimental results. Extensive verification steps are undertaken to improve the confidence in both model-scale and full-scale CFD results. The model-scale CFD results show VIM response very similar to behavior observed in model tests.

stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiesoil and gasresearch and developmentvortex induced motions (vim)research