CFD and Potential Flow Simulations of Fully Appended Free Running 5415M in Irregular Waves

AuthorsSadat-Hosseini, H., Kim, D.-H., Toxopeus, S.L., Diez, M. and Stern, F.
Conference/JournalWorld Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC), Providence, RI
DateNov 5, 2015

The capabilities of CFD and PF methods are assessed for course keeping of 5415M advancing at a Froude number of 0.248 in irregular waves with JONSWAP spectrum for various wave headings.

stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiestime-domain simulationsmarine systemsdefencepassengers and yachtingresearch and developmentroll stabilisationseakeeping performancenavysimulationverification and validationresearch