AVT-301 Workshop on hydrodynamic flow around a submarine at straight flight and at incidence

AuthorsS.L. Toxopeus, M. Bettle, T. Uroić, E. Guilmineau, L. Bordier, G. Olbert, R. Bensow, K. Petterson, E. Díkbaş, J. Feldman, R. Pattenden, H. Jasak, M.Visonneau, F.Sainclair
Conference/JournalAVT-307 Research Symposium on Separated Flow: Prediction, Measurement and Assessment for Air and Sea Vehicles, Trondheim, Norway
DateOct 7, 2019
CFD techniques and HPC resources have now advanced to a level that time-dependent simulations of manoeuvring partially- or fully-submerged bodies are a tractable proposition and may be used as part of a design and optimisation process or as a means of generating input data for performance models. Building on earlier STO activities on surface-ships and aircraft, the AVT-301 RTG is assessing the ability, maturity and applicability of state-of-the art viscous flow solvers to predict the hydrodynamic performance of a manoeuvring submarine at straight flight, steady drift and during a constant-rate manoeuver. The use of a single baseline geometry and a limited number of test cases is intended to allow a thorough understanding of the fluid dynamic processes to be achieved and a high degree of information and results interchange and collaborative working between partners. This paper presents the findings of the preliminary code- and method- benchmarking exercise.

This paper available upon request through research@marin.nl.