Joint Industry Project

Wageningen CD-propeller series (Extension)


The “Wageningen Propeller C- and D-Series” will provide open water characteristics in complete 2 quadrants for modern CPP designs, including blade spindle torque.


  • Software Tool
  • Propeller blade spindle torque in cavitating conditions
  • Thrust breakdown for ducted propellers
  • Cavitation inception tests
  • Scale effects by using CFD
  • Facilities, models and instrumentations


  • Software tool to access, interpolate and manipulate the systematic CD Series data and provide optimum propeller with open water characteristics, geometry, speed/power and bollard pull/speed curve.
  • Report with measured blade spindle torque in cavitating conditions for CPP propellers at higher speed, for C-4.70 and C-5.75 propellers.
  • Report with thrust breakdown test results in bollard pull conditions and cavitation in free sailing conditions for D-4.70 in duct 37. Proposal No. 25169-CD JIP Extension 12 July 2013
  • Report with cavitation inception performance of the C-5.75 and C-4.70 at design pitch P/D = 1.4.
  • Report on scale effects including the results of RANS CFD analysis for C-4.70 and D-4.70 in duct 19A and 37.


“Wageningen CD Propeller Series” is conducted as a Joint Industry Project in close co-operation with owners, operators, propulsor suppliers and yards. The results will be only shared with the JIP participants and will be confidential for a period of 3 years after completion of the project. MARIN acts as JIP manager and will be responsible for the project administration, finance and management. Above stakeholders will be invited to join the JIP which is effected by signing the Participation Agreement with MARIN. MARIN will also issue work orders to participants who are involved in conducting the scope of work (‘partners’). All participating companies are represented in the JIP Participant Steering Group with meetings during the Vessel Operator Forum (www.vesseloperatorforum.com) hosted by one of the members every 6 months. Presentations, reports and other relevant info will be posted on the confidential project web site.