Marin virtual mooring line tension monitoring

Hardware of digital twin

The hardware of an in-direct mooring line tension monitoring system comprises a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), a RTK GPS and a Windows operated PC with data acquisition software. Alternatively the measurements are streamed directly to the cloud. In this case the software runs in the cloud.

The MRU sensor measures the 6 DOF wave frequency FOWT rigid body motions of the FOWT. The equipment to measure the FOWT positions comprises two GPS antenna’s and one GPS receiver. The receiver receives signals from multiple devices including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS / WAAS and ATLAS H10 offshore corrections (commercial service). The GNSS receiver is connected to two antenna’s to obtain, in addition to the FOWT position, the FOWT heading. With measurements of the position (at the GPS antenna location) and the heading the horizontal position at the fairleads can be determined. With ATLAS H10 offshore corrections a position accuracy at the fairleads of approximately 5 cm is obtained.