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Turbulence Decay Corrections for Transitional Flow Calculations

Oct 1, 2019

Transitional flow calculations are becoming increasingly common due to the emergence of applications operating at low Reynolds numbers and the ...
Assessment of RANS Transition Models

Sep 30, 2018

Many naval and aeronautical applications deal with flows which occur at Reynolds numbers that are typically larger than 107 . Under these conditions ...
Viscous flow simulations at high Reynolds numbers without wall functions: Is y+≃1 enough for the near-wall cells?

Jul 15, 2018

The Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes equations supplemented by eddy-viscosity models are still the most common mathematical model for the simulation ...
On the Turbulence Modelling for an Air Cavity Interface

Oct 3, 2017

This article aims to link the physical modelling of the relevant phenomena of air cavity flows to their numerical modelling, with an emphasis on the ...
Modelling of the Plume of a Submerged Exhaust System

Oct 3, 2017

This article describes the influence of different turbulence models on the turbulent jet, the verification of the turbulent jet, and the validation ...
On the Physical Mechanisms for the Numerical Modelling of Flows around Air Lubricated Ships

Sep 18, 2016

The article is based on the available literature regarding air lubricated ship in the public domain and knowledge gained in research projects ...
CFD Simulations and Experiments of a Maneuvering Generic Submarine and Prognosis

Sep 11, 2016

CFD simulations and experiments of a maneuvering generic submarine and prognosis for simulation of near surface operation This paper presents ...
Analysis of free surface anti-roll tank using URANS. Verification and validation

Sep 4, 2016

This paper shows the response of a two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) model-scale free surface Anti-Roll Tank (ART) using the CFD code ...
Towards Accurate Computations of Active Stabiliser Fins, focusing on Dynamic Stall

Jun 13, 2016

Steps towards accurate and efficient characterisation of the hydrodynamic behaviour of active stabiliser fins have been conducted using ...
Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Stall, with Application to Stabilizer Fins of Ships

Sep 28, 2015

The objective of this current work is to simulate the flow conditions seen at model scale experiments, Re = 65,000 for moving airfoils, to ...
Numerical Study on Air Cavity Flows

Sep 28, 2015

This work is focused on the numerical study of two problems: the drag reduction prediction by air cavities with known size and the free-surface ...
In-depth analysis of anti-roll tanks using CFD simulations

Aug 21, 2015

Reading time 3 minutes

In 2014, the behaviour of anti-roll tanks (ARTs) was studied at MARIN by using ReFRESCO CFD simulations to fully understand the working principles.
Analysis of U-Type Anti-Roll Tanks using URANS. Sensitivity and Validation

Jun 8, 2014

The present paper focuses on the sensitivityand validation of the anti-roll performances of passive U-type ART using CFD. For this, the ...
Influence on the Numerical Uncertainty of a Generic Submarine Model

Sep 2, 2013

Influence on the numerical uncertainty of a generic submarine model by changing the wall-normal distribution of the wall-bounded grid cells The aim ...