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Non-Linear Wave Run-Up Along the Side of Sailing Ships Causing Green Water on Deck: Experiments and Deterministic Calculation

Aug 1, 2020

Experiments with a flat plate in oblique waves at different speeds, wave conditions, headings and drift speed were done to evaluate non-linear wave ...
Validation of CFD for a deterministic breaking wave impact on a semi submersible

Oct 3, 2016

For structural design, prediction of run-up, green water and impact loads have to be taken into account, to assure the integrity and safety of ...
Validation of CFD for run-up and wave impact on a semi submersible

Mar 9, 2016

To assess the integrity and safety of structures offshore, prediction of run-up, green water, and impact loads needs to be made during the ...
Towards Large-Eddy Simulation Of Complex Flows In Maritime Applications

Jul 22, 2014

Flows around bluff bodies, a circular cylinder for instance, are difficult to simulate accurately with a RANS method. To improve this type of ...
On novel simulation methods for complex flows in maritime applications

Oct 7, 2012

A novel aspect of our research will be to implement the regularization model on unstructured grids. The symmetry preserving discretization and ...