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1966 - 2024

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A Laboratory Study of the Effects of Size, Density, and Shape on the Wave-Induced Transport of Floating Marine Litter

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

11 Jul 2024

Floating marine litter is transported by several mechanisms, including surface waves. In studies of marine litter transport, the wave-induced drift ...
life at seamodel testingwaves, impacts and hydrostructural

MARIN rudder mathematical model

International Shipbuilding Progress

13 Jun 2024

This paper presents the mathematical model used in MARIN’s time domain software to describe the hydrodynamic loads excited by a rudder. The paper ...
hydrodynamicsmanoeuvringmanoeuvring and nautical studiestime-domain simulations

Quay-to-quay mission with autonomous docking: a model-scale experimental validation

Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology

23 May 2024

Transport of cargo by short-sea shipping is at the forefront of the European Union’s transportation policy. It has the promise to alleviate ...
autonomy and decision supportmeasurements and controlmanoeuvring

A Scoping Review on Simulation-Based Design Optimization in Marine Engineering: Trends, Best Practices, and Gaps

Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering

1 May 2024

This scoping review assesses the current use of simulation-based design optimization (SBDO) in marine engineering, focusing on identifying research ...
resistance and propulsioncfd/simulation/desk studiescfdpoweringseakeepingdata sciencemarine systemsrenewables

OC6 project Phase IV: validation of numerical models for novel floating offshore wind support structures

Wind Energy Science

29 Apr 2024

This paper provides a summary of the work done within Phase IV of the Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration, Continued with Correlation and ...
offshore windfloating wind turbinefloating windoffshore

Wave Basin Tests of a Multi-Body Floating PV System Sheltered by a Floating Breakwater


26 Apr 2024

The development of floating photovoltaic systems (FPV) for coastal and offshore locations requires a solid understanding of a design’s hydrodynamic ...
floating solaroffshoreoffshore engineeringrenewablesblue growth

Towing Analysis and Validation of a Fully Assembled Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Based on an Experimental Study

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

22 Apr 2024

The offshore wind sector is moving into deep waters and using floating platforms to harness the higher wind speeds in exposed locations. There are ...
offshore windfloating windfloating wind turbine

Quantifying the Uncertainty of High-Fidelity Speed/Power Trials

8th Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC), Pontignano, Italy

18 Apr 2024

Within the JoRes Joint Research project, the uncertainty levels for a speed/power trial was investigated. The sea trials were performed as ...
resistance and propulsionmeasurements and controlpoweringmonitoring

Propeller Load Variations for Maneuvering Ships in Waves

Eighth International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp’24), Berlin, Germany

20 Mar 2024

This paper presents a method that can predict the load variations on propellers of ships that are maneuvering in waves. A two time-scales approach ...
hydro-systems integrationmanoeuvringpoweringseakeepingtime-domain simulations

An Experimental Study on Visualisation and Passive Control of Model Propeller Boundary Layers

Eighth International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp’24), Berlin, Germany

20 Mar 2024

This paper examines the complications of a laminar propeller boundary layer during towing tank model testing and proposes a solution in the form of ...
propeller and cavitationresistance and propulsionmeasurements and controlpowering

A Numerical Study on Model Propeller Performance Prediction Including Transitional and Passively Controlled Boundary Layer Considerations

Eighth International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp’24), Berlin, Germany

20 Mar 2024

Viscous flow simulations, utilising Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), have increasingly become the standard approach in the design and ...
cfdresistance and propulsionpoweringmodel testingearly innovations and solutions

Ship URN mitigation by air injection: model-scale experiments and application to full-scale measurement data

8th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp’24), Berlin, Germany

17 Mar 2024

It is recognised that continuous underwater radiated noise (URN) from shipping needs to be mitigated in order to minimise impact on marine animals. ...

PIANO: A physics-based semi-empirical source level model for fleet-scale ship URN prediction

8th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp’24), Berlin, Germany

17 Mar 2024

Concern is growing about the impacts of continuous underwater radiated noise (URN) from ships on marine fauna. In anticipation of future regulation ...
propeller and cavitation

CFD analysis of the full-scale resistance of an oil tanker in presence of a mud–water interface

Ocean Engineering

15 Feb 2024

The presence of mud layers on the bottom of ports and waterways can have negative effects on the hydrodynamic behaviour of marine vessels. This ...
cfd/simulation/desk studiescfdmanoeuvring and nautical studiesnautical operationsinfrastructurecfd development

Practical ship afterbody optimisation by multifidelity techniques

Ship Technology Research

21 Nov 2023

This paper discusses recently developed techniques for ship hull form optimization based on CFD computations, as are now applied in practice at ...
cfdhull form optimisationresistance and propulsionhydrodynamics