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Whiffle sets new standard for local weather forecasting and introduces finecasting to the maritime industry

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 130
Date1 Dec 2020
The art and science of precisely predicting tomorrow’s local weather patterns almost seems impossible - and just a few years ago it was. That was until Dutch company Whiffle Weather Finecasting managed to develop a new standard of local weather forecasting in 2015.

In just five years, Whiffle’s finecasting data is being used by a substantial number of the Dutch offshore wind farms, but the company is now exploring how it can be deployed to benefit the whole maritime world. Several pilot projects are underway worldwide, one of which took place in the Port of Rotterdam, and results look promising.

Here we interview Founder and Director of Operations Dr Remco Verzijlbergh and he outlines how MARIN and Whiffle are working alongside each other, benefitting from each other’s knowledge and expertise.


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Breakthrough due to GPUs

Whiffle's unique finecasting technology is based on Large Eddy
Simulations, which have been used in academia to examine clouds and turbulence since the 1980s. In 2010, computer scientists at the university were experimenting to see if certain computations could be made by the use of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).

Founder and Director of Operations Dr Remco Verzijlbergh

Weather simulation at the HornsRev offshore wind farm in Denmark. Blue shades indicate 10m wind speeds. The turbine wake effects are visible.
Weather simulation at Enoshima Bay where the 2021 Olympic Sailing race will be held. Colors indicate the wind speeds at 10m height.