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Wave-in-Deck Impact Loads in Relation with Wave Kinematics

AuthorsScharnke, J., Lindeboom, R., Duz, B.
Conference/Journal36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2017), Trondheim, Norway
Date25 Jun 2017

Breaking waves have been studied for many decades andare still of interest as these waves contribute significantly to thedynamics and loading of offshore structures. In current MARINresearch this awareness has led to the setup of an experiment todetermine the kinematics of breaking waves using Particle ImageVelocimetry (PIV). The purpose of the measurement campaignis to determine the evolution of the kinematics of breaking focussedwaves. In addition to the PIV measurements in waves,small scale wave-in-deck impact load measurements on a fixeddeck box were carried out in the same wave conditions. To investigatethe link between wave kinematics and wave-in-deck impactloads, simplified loading models for estimating horizontal deckimpact loads were applied and compared to the measured impactloads. In this paper, the comparison of the model test datato estimated loads is presented.


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Jule Scharnke

Senior Project Manager

Bulent Duz

Senior Reseacher

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