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Verification of calculations of the potential flow around two-dimensional foils

AuthorsEça, L., Vaz, G, Falcão de Campos, J.A.C., Hoekstra, M.
Conference/JournalAIAA Journal
Date1 Dec 2004
This paper presents an example of Verification of calculations using methods based on grid refinement studies and Richardson extrapolation. The study is performed for numerical simulations of the potential flow around 2D lifting foils by one low order and two higher-order panel methods based on Morino’s perturbation potential formulation. Flows with known analytical solutions have been selected to assess the reliability of the uncertainty estimations. The Grid Convergence Index method is the basis for these estimations. Two options are compared: estimating the uncertainty of the solution on a specific grid and of the solution found by extrapolation to zero grid cell size. The results indicate that the uncertainty estimation in the former case is more reliable than in the latter.


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