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Verification and validation of calculations of the viscous flow around KVLCC2M in oblique motion

AuthorsToxopeus, S.L.
Conference/Journal5th Osaka Colloquium, Osaka, Japan
Date1 Mar 2005
Viscous-flow calculations have been conducted for the KVLCC2M hull form in oblique motion. Several different drift angles were considered in this study. For one drift angle, a detailed grid-dependency study was carried out in order to obtain the uncertainty in the results. It is observed that in order to arrive at reliable results, special attention must be paid to the gridding of the computational domain. To validate the results, a comparison with integral as well as field variables available from measurements is made. The paper addresses the methods used and a detailed discussion about the accuracy of the results is presented. Very encouraging results are obtained, but the relatively high level of uncertainty in the evaluation of the pressure components requires further attention.


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