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Validation of Ducted Propeller Design and Analysis Tools

AuthorsHuisman, J., Garenaux, M., De Jager, A. and Janse G.
Conference/JournalWorking paper
Date17 May 2021
Recently, a study was done on the validation of the design and analysis tools for ducted propellers. The validation was done using full-scale observations on board the TSHD Bonny River. Furthermore, RANS computations with sliding interfaces were performed. This work provided an important set of data for validation, benchmark and further developments.

The newly developed propeller analysis tool PROCAL DUCT performs very well compared to the observations and RANS, both for suction-side and pressure-side cavitation. Confidence was obtained of being ready for a next phase in the design of ducted propellers using PROCAL DUCT. A ducted propeller design can now be further optimized for cavitation performance, while minimizing the blade area ratio for improved efficiency.


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John Huisman

Senior Project Manager