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Using Nonlinear Wave Kinematics to Estimate the Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines in 3-Hour Sea States

AuthorsBunnik, T., Ridder, E-J. de
Conference/JournalConference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2018), Madrid, Spain
Date17 Jun 2018
The effects of operational wave loads and wind loads on offshore mono pile wind turbines are well understood. For most sites, however, the water depth is such that breaking or nearbreaking waves will occur causing impulsive excitation of the mono pile and consequently considerable stresses, displacements and accelerations in the monopile, tower and turbine. As has been shown in earlier, recent publications, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to accurately analyze wave impacts on offshore wind turbines. However, it is not yet well suited to study the statistical variability of wave impact loads in long-duration sea states, and thus estimate the ULS and ALS loads for which a wind turbine has to be designed. An alternative, simplified approach, is the use of a Morison model in which the kinematics (water particle velocities and accelerations) from a nonlinear wave model are used. For long-crested waves the nonlinear wave model can be run in a 2D mode and is therefore relatively cheap. In this paper model tests for steep and breaking waves on an offshore wind turbine are compared with results from the Morison model. First, a deterministic comparison is made between the wave loads from the model tests and the simulation model (simulating the same 3-hour wave realization as in the basin), which turns out to be difficult because of differences between wave reflections in the wave basin (a physical beach) and the numerical wave model (absorbing boundary condition). Second, a statistical comparison is made by comparing with different wave realizations measured in the wave basin.


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Tim Bunnik

Senior Researcher

ErikJan de Ridder

Senior Project Manager/Teamleider

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