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Towards Large-Eddy Simulation Of Complex Flows In Maritime Applications

AuthorsBandringa, H., Verstappen, R., Wubbs, F., Klaij, C.M. and Ploeg, A. van der
Conference/Journal6th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD VI)
DateJul 22, 2014

Flows around bluff bodies, a circular cylinder for instance, are difficult to simulate accurately with a RANS method. To improve this type of simulations, LES models are considered in this paper. The models are based on the invariants of the rate of strain tensor. Also the governing equations are discretized such that less artificial dissipation is added. The proposed LES models are compared to an ILES model. The ILES model introduces artificial dissipation originating from the discretization of the governing equations. The comparison is performed using MARIN's in-house CFD solver ReFRESCO. A flow around a circular cylinder with Re = 3900 is considered here to evaluate the LES models.


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