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Towards Large-Eddy Simulation Of Complex Flows In Maritime Applications

AuthorsBandringa, H. J., Verstappen, R.W.C.P., Wubbs, F.W., Klaij, C.M., Ploeg, A. van der
Conference/Journal6th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD VI), Barselona, Spain
Date22 Jul 2014
Turbulent flows in maritime applications usually contain a wide range of length and time scales, especially for high Reynolds numbers. Therefore, it is not feasible to solve such flows with direct numerical simulation. To reduce CPU-times, a model is proposed. This model is a blend between an LES model based on regularization and an eddyviscosity model. The non-linear convection term produces small scales of motion. At the smallest scale the diffusion should dissipate these small scales. But on an LES grid, these smallest scales are not resolved. Therefore, an eddy viscosity will be computed such that the diffusion counteracts the production term. In order to prevent the transfer of energy from unresolved scales to resolved scales (backscatter), the convection term will be regularized.


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Henry Bandringa


Auke van der Ploeg

CFD Researcher

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