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Time Domain Analysis for DP Simulations

AuthorsSerraris, J.
Conference/Journal28th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2009), Honolulu, Hawai, USA
Date1 Jun 2009

As the offshore industry is developing into deeper and deeper waters Dynamic Positioning (DP) techniques are becoming more important to the industry. MARIN’s new multibody time domain simulation program aNySIM is recently extended with a module to simulate DP applications. The model is 6 degrees of freedom and includes a Kalman filter, PID controller and a Lagrange optimized allocation algorithm. Thruster interaction effects are taken into account in the model. The present paper focuses on the methods used in the numerical DP model. A typical case for a DP operated monohull drillship is presented and will be discussed in comparison with model test results.


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manoeuvring and nautical studiesstability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiesmeasurements and controldata sciencetime-domain simulationsdynamic positioningmanoeuvringrenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuremarine systemslife at seamodel testingmotionssimulationswaves & motionsoffshore engineering