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Systematic design of future marine power & energy systems

AuthorsVeldhuis, C., Grasman, A., Willemsen, J., Shipurkar, U.
Conference/Journal15th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures (PRADS 2022), Dubrovnik, Croatia
Date9 Oct 2022
The design and realization of future zero emission power and energy systems on board ships is a challenging process. The resulting systems are complex, multi-disciplinary and need to be introduced in one radical step. A well-structured methodology is needed that ensures all requirements are addressed and risks are being reduced already early in the design process. This paper shows how Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) can be used to mitigate risks, keep clear traceability of user needs, functional requirements and physical realizations, and help designers to approach a design as a multi-disciplinary exercise. A 25m inland patrol vessel is taken as an example and systematically the MBSE steps are addressed touching upon the user needs, system architecture setup, logical arrangement up and the physical conceptual design of the power and energy system in the ship. The example case shows how a well-structured requirements analysis leads to specific system design choices and helps to identify support system requirements in an early stage of the design, well before basic engineering starts. This structured design approach lays the foundation for further simulation and testing (verification and validation) of the resulting systems, which will be addressed in future publications.


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Christian Veldhuis

Team Leader Ships - Simulation & Development | Senior Project Manager | Research coordinator Zero Emission Shipping

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