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State of the art model test procedures for launch and recovery

AuthorsNicolas Carette, Christian Schmittner
Conference/JournalProceedings of Launch and Recovery 2010
DateDec 8, 2010

Many launch and recovery systems exist, from the stern ramp to the side-davit crane, with their consequences for the address all correspondence to this author. Design of the vessel as for the final operability of the device. Several practical examples, descriptions and evaluations can be found in [1]. Nowadays, due to the increase in types of launched vehicles, manned or unmanned, the necessity to propose a versatile launch and recovery system is becoming not only a wish butdefinitely a requirement for the Navies and operators. Because such a system is often quite complex and implies the explorationof new situations and designs, model testing appears to be a necessity to avoid expensive disastrous refits. Model tests give the opportunity to test systematic variations of designs at a reasonable cost. The objective of the experiments is to indicate the operability of the combination of a vehicle, mother ship and launch and recovery system in several conditions. It is widely observed that the most demanding situations are found in waves, and that most systems can succeed without problems in calm water but not necessarily in waves ( [1] and [2]). This is why this paper will focus on model testing in waves of launch and recovery of surface vehicles.


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