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Scale-Resolving Simulations of a Circular Cylinder Subjected to Low Mach Number Turbulent Inflow

AuthorsLidtke, A.K., Klapwijk, M., Lloyd, T.
Conference/JournalJournal of Marine Science and Engineering
Date16 Nov 2021
Inflow turbulence is relevant for many engineering applications relating to noise generation, including aircraft wings, landing gears, and non-cavitating marine propellers. While modelling of this phenomenon is well-established for higher Mach number aerospace problems, lower Mach number applications, which include marine propellers, still lack validated numerical tools. For this purpose, simplified cases for which extensive measurement data are available can be used. This paper investigates the effect of inflow turbulence on a circular cylinder at a Reynolds number of 14,700, a Mach number of 0.029, and with inflow turbulence intensities ranging between 0% and 22%. In the present work focus is put on the hydrodynamics aspect, with the aim of addressing radiated noise in a later study. The flow is simulated using the partially averaged Navier Stokes equations, with turbulence inserted using a synthetic inflow turbulence generator. Results show that the proposed method can successfully replicate nearfield pressure variations and relevant flow features in the wake of the body. In agreement with the literature, increasing inflow turbulence intensity adds broadband frequency content to all the presented fluctuating flow quantities. In addition, the applied variations in inflow turbulence intensity result in a major shift in flow dynamics around a turbulence intensity of 15%, when the dominant effect of von Kármán vortices on the dominant flow dynamics becomes superseded by freestream turbulence.


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Artur Lidtke

Senior Researcher

Thomas Lloyd

Specialist, Noise and Vibrations

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