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Scale effects on hull pressure fluctuations due to cavitating propellers

AuthorsBosschers, J., Wijngaarden, E. van
Conference/Journal10th International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD), St. Petersburg, Russia
Date1 Oct 2012
In this paper we describe several scale effects that may occur on cavitating propellers and the resulting (low-frequency) hull pressure fluctuations. The hull pressure fluctuations are composed of tonals at harmonics of the blade passage frequency and a broadband part. The relation between the two is analyzed using the modulation theory of MacFarlane. The paper then discusses the consequence of Reynolds number scaling on the wake field of a single screw vessel and on cavitating vortices in general. The influence of air content is also shown for this vessel. A procedure to quantify modulation in model and full scale tests is presented and applied to two test-cases.


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Johan Bosschers

Senior Researcher

Erik van Wijngaarden

Senior Researcher

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