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ROPES - Joint Industry Project on Effect of Passing Ships on Moored Vessels

AuthorsBoom, H. van den, Pluijm, M., Pauw, W.
Conference/Journal33rd PIANC World Congress, San Francisco
DateMay 1, 2014

Ships have significantly increased in size and number over the last decades. Ports and waterways are accommodating these ships and at the same time new terminals are designed in the existing infrastructure. In restricted water moored vessels can be affected by hydrodynamic forces induced by passing ships. The ROPES project was initiated to investigate these effects, to develop a numerical model for predicting these loads and to validate this model. To this end systematic scale model tests as well as extensive full scale measurements have been conducted. The research was conducted as a joint industry project with the support of port authorities, terminal operators, vessel operators, engineering companies, suppliers of mooring equipment and research institutes.


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stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringsustainable propulsionresistance and propulsionauthorities and regulatorstransport and shippingmonitoringspeed/power performancetrials