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Quantifying the Uncertainty of High-Fidelity Speed/Power Trials

AuthorsPonkratov, D., Struijk, G. D.
Conference/Journal8th Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC), Pontignano, Italy
Date18 Apr 2024
Within the JoRes Joint Research project, the uncertainty levels for a speed/power trial was investigated. The sea trials were performed as accurately as possible, following the ISO15016:2015, best practices and incorporating calibrated wave buoys for measuring sea state and independent judgment of vessel draughts. Based on the analysis conducted, it can be concluded that for the presented case, consisting of a 50k DWT tanker trialled in moderate weather conditions, the overall uncertainty in shaft power-taking into account various sources of uncertainty such as shaft power measurements, wave correction, wind correction, and others - amounts to approximately 4 - 6%. This indicates that even with the implementation of rigorous and accurate sea trials, there will still be inherent uncertainties that can affect the estimation of performance gains.


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Gijs Struijk

Project Manager | On Board Specialists

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