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Prediction Of The Transom Flow Regime With Viscous Free Surface Computations

AuthorsPloeg, A. van der, Starke, A.R.
Conference/JournalIV International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (ECCOMAS MARINE), Lisbon, Portugal
Date30 Sep 2011
A steady free-surface fitting RANS method is used to accurately and efficiently compute the flow near a ship‟s transom. The chosen block topology is very well suited for the prediction of such flows: viscous free-surface flow solutions have been obtained for all transom flow regimes (from completely dry, partly wetted to completely wetted) and the agreement with available measurements is good. We will show that scale effects on the flow aft of the transom can be significant: they can affect the wave length and wave amplitude aft of the transom, and can even change the transom flow regime from partly wetted to completely dry.


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Auke van der Ploeg

CFD Researcher

Bram Starke

CFD Researcher

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