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Predicting Roll Added Mass And Damping Of A Ship Hull Section Using CFD

AuthorsJaouen, F., Koop, A.H., Vaz, G.
Conference/Journal30th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date20 Jun 2011
In this paper, the flow around a forced rolling body is analyzed with MARIN in-house CFD code ReFRESCO. The objective is to assess if the code can correctly predict the added mass and damping coefficients of a rolling vessel. After a description of code and numerical methods, the results for the flow computed around a 2D rolling hull section are presented. Sharp and rounded bilges are investigated for three roll amplitudes and three roll periods. The influence of grid and time discretisation and iterative errors are analyzed. The CFD results with ReFRESCO are compared to experiments and to results obtained with the commercial CFD package CFX. The results shown here indicate that ReFRESCO is capable of accurately predicting the added mass and damping coefficients. However, it is also shown that fine grids and time-steps are required to obtain a grid and time-step converged solution.


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Frederick Jaouen

Senior Project Manager

Arjen Koop

Senior Researcher/Teamleader

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