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Potential of Chaotic Iterative Solvers for CFD

AuthorsHawkes, J., Vaz, G., Turnock, S.R., Cox, S.J., Philips, A.B.
Conference/Journal17th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS 2014), Gothenburg, Sweden
Date30 Sep 2014

In this paper, a brief summary of earlier results is given, which identified the linear-equation systemsolver as one of the least-scalable parts of the code. Based on these results, a chaotic iterative solver, which is a highly-asynchronous stationary solver for high-scalability, is proposed. This paper focuses on the suitability of such a solver, by investigating the linear equation systems produced by typical CFD problems. If the results are optimistic, future work will be carried out to implement and test chaotic iterative solvers for CFD.


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