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Pans simulations - low versus high Reynolds number approach

AuthorsKlapwijk, M., Lloyd, T., Vaz, G., Lopes, Terwisga, T.
Conference/JournalVIII International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (MARINE 2019), Gothenburg, Sweden
Date13 mei 2019

Different approaches for specifying the ratio of modelled-to-total dissipation (fε) in the PANS model, based on the k−ω SST model, are evaluated for different ratios of the modelled-to-total kinetic energy, fk. Based on theoretical reasoning it is argued that applying fε = a· fk should have little effect, and that fε = fk is not expected to improve the results. This is confirmed by applying the approaches to a turbulent channel flow at Reτ =395 and 180, and comparing the results to the often used ‘highReynolds number’ approach (fε =1.0). Reducing fε leads to a reduction in range of scales in the flow; dissipation is allowed at larger scales and therefore smaller scales are suppressed.


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