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Operational Performance of Wind Assisted Ships

AuthorsEggers, R.
Conference/Journal10th Symposium on High-Performance Marine Vehicles (HIPER), Cortona, Italy
Date17 okt. 2016

The 'Wind Hybrid Coaster' was a sub project in MARITIM (2016) under the European INTERREG Deutschland-Nederland programme within which Dutch and German partners from the maritime industry and research institutions were developing a new type of 'green' coastal ship equipped with a wind assisted hybrid propulsion system. MARIN was asked to predict the performance of the Wind Hybrid Coaster in a realistic operational scenario. For this purpose MARIN conducted a large number of hydrodynamic model tests, powering predictions in calm water including wind assistance and finally voyage simulations for multiple routes including voyage optimisation.


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Rogier Eggers

Senior Project Manager

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